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Experimental Study on Wave Transmission and Reflection at Impermeable Submerged Breakwaters
Amin Mahmoudi *1, Habib Hakimzadeh2, Mohammad Javad Ketabdari3, Nick Cartwright4, Mohammad Vaghefi1
1- Civil Engineering Department, Persian Gulf University, Mahini Street, Bushehr
2- Faculty of Civil Engineering, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz
3- Faculty of Marine Technology, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran
4- Griffith School of Engineering, Griffith University, Queensland,4222, Australia
Abstract:   (3126 Views)
Submerged breakwaters are a special type of breakwater associated with low wave reflection. They can also save large quantities of engineering resources from the view of economics. Although there have been previous investigations on the interaction between waves and rubble mound low-crested breakwaters, performance of impermeable submerged breakwater is somehow different from rubble mound structures. Thus, the accurate estimation of reflection and transmission coefficients is essential in designing of this kind of structures in near shore zone. In this paper, performance of impermeable trapezoidal submerged breakwater was investigated experimentally using regular waves. In the experimental plan, for three submergence depths of breakwaters different wave groups were used to measure transmission and reflection coefficients. Based on the test results, empirical expressions were formulated to describe the transmission and reflection coefficients for solid submerged breakwater   under regular group waves.
Keywords: Wave transmission, Wave reflection, submerged breakwater, impermeable, regular group waves
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Type of Study: Research | Subject: Coastal Engineering
Received: 2017/10/8 | Accepted: 2018/01/14 | Published: 2018/01/14
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Mahmoudi A, Hakimzadeh H, Ketabdari M J, Cartwright N, Vaghefi M. Experimental Study on Wave Transmission and Reflection at Impermeable Submerged Breakwaters. ijcoe. 2017; 1 (3) :19-27
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